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About 2048

2048 is a popular online puzzle game. With your logical thinking, you will combine the same number of tiles to double their value until you reach the game limit.

This is considered one of the most popular entertainment games well-received by the gaming community. This single-player puzzle game was developed by a young Italian programmer named Gabriele Cirulli. According to official information, the author programmed the game and launched it in 2014. Since then, it has always been a top choice for users who like this game genre.

How to play 2048 Game


The game is designed with a main screen consisting of a grid of 16 squares. You will receive two random numbers in two squares when you start the game. Then, you will move them to the appropriate locations to merge. After each move, the 2048 game will give you additional squares with the following random numbers.

The player's task is to slide and combine squares of the same value to double their value. The maximum value you can achieve is "2048." Will you reach this limit?


  • Only cells with the same value can merge.
  • Merge from the smallest values first.
  • Keep your largest number in a corner to fix that most valuable square. Try to move the remaining squares and gradually create squares of more excellent value.
  • Try to minimize the appearance of new squares. Because new squares usually appear with very small values, this wastes your time merging them to form different large values.