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Happy Snake

Happy Snake is a fun multiplayer game. In the game, each player controls their snake, collecting dots and competing for the title of the biggest snake.

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Player's mission

Participate in this online snake game; your task is to collect as many dots as possible. If you complete this task well, your snake will quickly grow and become the largest snake in the playroom. The dots are scattered throughout the room, so you need to move often to collect more dots. Besides, trapping other snakes is also a good suggestion to get bigger faster. Because if any snake is eliminated, other snakes can collect many of its light dots. But you also need to be careful not to become prey for the remaining snakes.

Use power-ups

If you collect Happy Snake's power-ups, you will have outstanding advantages. The magnets will help you attract every light dot around you. Meanwhile, acceleration items will help you speed up instantly for a short time. If you have this item, you will easily escape the siege of other snakes or even trap them.

Some features of Happy Snake

  • The game offers you many free skins. There are many cute snakes with different colors and expressions.
  • This is a multiplayer online game. That means you will compete directly with gamers around the world.
  • Select the room size you want to compete in: small, medium, or large.

The platform for playing Happy Snake Unblocked Games Premium