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Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a legendary video game. Your task is to rotate the game tower to help the ball fall smoothly to the bottom. Try your best to get a high score!

Helix Jump Instructions

Conquer the game

As a popular game, Helix Jump has quite easy but interesting gameplay. The player's goal in this game is to send a jumping ball from the top of the tower to the bottom. However, this giant tower is very tall and seemingly endless. To reach your destination, you must overcome many challenges, and pitfalls are always present to make it difficult.

The destination of this game has not yet been discovered, but many people have set different records with outstanding scores. Will you be the next to reach that milestone? Prove it at Unblocked Games Premium's Helix Jump website!

Control the game

You will not be able to impact the game ball. Instead, you will use the mouse to rotate the tower and find the appropriate path for the jumping ball.

Interesting information about Helix Jump

Every time you play this game, its theme will randomly change with different colors. Sometimes it's bright colors, sometimes it's dark colors. If you want to improve your achievements quickly, try to collect power-ups to break through all limits.

This is an exciting arcade game. With simple but addictive gameplay, Helix Jump has received enthusiastic support from gamers. One of the most important reasons is probably because this game is suitable for many devices. You can enjoy it on a PC with a website browser and play it on a mobile device.