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Getaway Shootout

Introducing Getaway Shootout

Play the game

Getaway Shootout takes players to exciting races. Compete for first place with three other players in the game by jumping to the vehicles as fast as you can.

This chaotic game challenges gamers' agility and strategy. In battles between four players, you need to reach the finish line quickly to have a chance of being the winner. Getaway Shootout takes place over multiple rounds and it will only end until one player achieves 3 winning rounds.

Control the game


  • The player uses the W/ E key to jump left or right.
  • Press the R key to attack.


  • The player uses the I/O key to jump left or right.
  • Press the P key to attack.

Outstanding Features of Getaway Shootout


The game has a list of interesting pixel characters like in the Volley Random game. Each character has its own unique physical characteristics. However, owning them and accompanying them in battles is not so simple.

While Steve and Sarah are the default characters, players need enough coins to unlock these characters. For example, you need 100 coins to unlock your first character. But you don't need to worry because as long as you perform well in Getaway Shootout, this is not difficult. For each first finish or elimination of a player, you will receive coins as a reward.

Use weapons

In Getaway Shootout battles, players without weapons are the players with the least advantage. You can absolutely collect guns or bombs to hinder and eliminate opponents. The arsenal of weapons in this game is also quite diverse and enough to make the details more attractive and thrilling.