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Slope Run

About Slope Run

Slope Run takes players to explore the mysterious universe. With your courage and ingenuity, you will either complete this space journey or you will fail.

Explore planets

Participating in the game's challenges is like participating in an exciting journey to explore planets in the universe. Players will move on a very special path. You need to remember that if you fall off this path, you will fall out into vast space, and the end will definitely be loss of life. Therefore, dexterity and flexible reflexes are the keys to helping you succeed in this Slope Run game. This dangerous but exciting path of the game is like a bridge from one planet to another. If you complete the stages, you will conquer the planets.

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar for jumping.

Outstanding Features of Slope Run

Infinite mode

This is a special mode of the game. If you pass each level of the special race in the normal journey of Slope Run, the journey in Infinite mode will be different. Players will go non-stop. If they fail, they need to start over from the starting line. Meanwhile, normal mode is safer because it can save your journey and help you start from the nearest level.

Additional features

  • The game is eye-catching and designed with space-themed images.
  • The rankings honor the best players.
  • Mini maps of Slope Run show the progress of your journey.
  • Try to collect coins during the game.
  • Be careful of the cracked squares on the race.